My Portfolio

Here’s some stuff I made

Weber Yachts
WordPress Plugin Development

Weber Yachts was looking to populate their new WordPress website with boats from a 3rd party marketplace. My solution was to deliver a custom WordPress plugin that generated a storefront on their WordPress website using data from their 3rd party’s API. This plugin manages the entire storefront automatically and also has advanced sort/search options to help users find their dream boat!

Huntsman Media
Website Development

A modern, responsive, website built for my own agency, Huntsman Media. Subtle gradients and gentle animations evoke a sense of sophistication and playfulness.

XFD Real Estate
WordPress Development

This suite of 10+ websites for apartment-style student housing company XFD Real Estate. Each location’s website has a unique theme and set of features specific to its needs and brand.

Deconstructing Stickers
Graphic Design

When I couldn’t find any stickers I liked for my own water bottle, I decided to design a whole series. Now available for others to purchase!

Proud Dynamic Wallpaper
Graphic Design

Here’s a Pride themed dynamic wallpaper that cycles through the colors in the Pride Flag throughout the day.

Streak Tracker
Website Development

More like the stroke tracker 🙂 I built this daily goal tracker for an online community to track and share their progress towards completing (or not completing) a daily goal.
*I do not endorse the message or practices represented by this community.